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Write your best man speech a weekend

We help best men deliver funny, memorable and confident best man speeches.

Our best man speech pack has the practical advice you need to write your first draft and deliver a speech you'll be proud of for the rest of your life.


Is this you?

Not made any progress with your speech?
Getting concerned how fast the wedding is approaching?
Lacking in public speaking experience?
S**t scared of public speaking?

Best man speeches are tough

It's a big responsibility being asked to do a best man speech.
You get asked by your friend, you spend a year thinking and worrying about the speech, you've also got a stag do to organise, you're not really sure how to write the speech or what to include, you wonder if a joke is too crude (it probably is) and on top of all that you've got the pressure of doing the speech on the big day.
And this is on top of all your normal daily priorities.
There's a lot of expectation and pressure that accompanies a best man speech.
We will help you reduce and overcome that pressure.

Speech pack includes

Full speech guide
Everything you need to get ideas for your speech and write a great best man speech.
Zero to first draft
You'll have your first draft ready in no time with easy to follow action points in each section.
Instant access
No time to waste. Get instant access to the speech pack, so you can get writing right away.
Increase confidence
Tips to help you come across as confident, funny and natural even if you're super nervous.
Make them laugh
We give you simple ways to make the audience roar with laughter and make your speech memorable.
Risk Free
If you don't get any laughs we'll refund you 100% of your money back (video evidence required : )

Speech pack contents list

speech pack contents

Deliver a speech like this:


2 heads for the price of one

Picture of Lucy
I'm Lucy, a drama & writing for theatre graduate and singer from the UK.
Believe it or not, I have been a best 'man'...
For my brother!
My experience with drama & script writing as well as performing on stage as a singer helped me to deliver a confident speech.
I'll help you to get the most out of the stories in your speech and deliver it with style.
Picture of paul
I'm Paul, a software developer, coach and public speaking nerd from the UK.
I'm a member of toastmasters (The public speaking group).
I've been where you are right now. A scared and worried best man.
I went from being very nervous to stand up on stage and not knowing what to write...
To delivering a speech that I'm super proud of and I'll remember for the rest of my life.
Wow the crowd
It's a tough life being a best man, but someones got to do it.
Your friend asked you to be their best man because you're awesome.
Prove them right.
No laughs? Get 100% of your money back.